Nye: Chamblin refuses to deviate from his message
‘Win All Day Every Day’ is a message being preached by Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach Corey Chamblin but after the Banjo Bowl, the cliche ‘you can’t win ‘em all’ applies.While the Riders licked their wounds following their loss in Winnipeg, their head coach had already turned the page.“In football there is always a correction period after a loss. It causes you to see some things you didn’t see or what have become a heavy tendency for you. It has allowed us to re-evaluate ourselves and hopefully we can move forward with a win this week.”Although Chamblin had every reason to be much more critical about his team’s performance, it would have meant he had to deviate from his message.So, the same, calm head coach explains life will go on.Chamblin isn’t going to tear a player up one side and down the other.He’s not going to jump up and down when things are going well.On the sideline you see the same stoic head coach, with the odd smirk and even rarer snarl so far this season. Once and a while, and it happens very rarely during a game, he’ll turn up the volume when he feels his players need a fire lit if he senses they’re lacking intensity. Related Links Riders get pulled back down to earth CFL.ca's Rod Pedersen wasn't the only one surprised at the outcome of last week's Banjo Bowl, one that saw the Bombers upset the Riders. Highlights: Bombers 25, Riders 13 More Jamie Nye on the Riders Riding the highs and lows of a season can be an emotional roller-coaster if you allow it to be but so far Chamblin hasn’t budged. Whether it was a big win or a frustrating loss, like what took place on Sunday, Chamblin’s message stays the same and his consistency is rubbing off on his players.Chamblin never seems flustered. He’s never caught off guard. He’s ready for every question and every situation.For instance, what is the explanation for the Riders dominate 5-0 start the season where they averaged 20 more points than their opponents and now their 3-2 record in the last five games where they’ve allowed as many points as they’ve scored.Chamblin didn’t flinch.“The first six (games), it doesn’t matter what it is you’re always going to have teams that struggle in the first six and teams that are very hot. That is the nature of it coming out of training camp. The second six, all things are equal. Teams have adjusted, the trends are there, the tendencies are there, and it’s about which team makes the least amount of mistakes on game day, win.”Chamblin isn’t about to concede the rest of the league has caught-in up to the Riders. But he knew there would be a time when times were going to get tougher and that time has come. He knew then perfection can’t last forever, so you can’t sweat it when things are no where near perfect.And right now nothing is coming as easy as it appeared when the team was 5-0. The running lanes for Kory Sheets are smaller, the time Darian Durant has to throw the ball is shorter, the room for the receivers has been condensed, and the turnovers are piling up.As Chamblin said earlier, a correction period after the Riders were defying the odds at the start of the season.But they are still winning more often than not.While Riders may continue to feel the bumps and bruises causes by their 25-13 loss, they’ll move forward with their head coach.Flip the page, learn their lesson and focus on Toronto.The team will leave it up to the fans and media to dwell on the past, they have a day to win today and tomorrow after all.